Detaching Facial Adhesion Without It Reattaching?

I have a scar on the side of my cheek as a result of a prior infection. This caused an inch scar to 'melt' down to the tissue below and create a dent. It's basically 'stuck' there and doesn't move with my expressions. I've had surgery to detach the scar and fill the dent with fat, but when it healed it reattached again, and the dent is still there. What can be done to prevent the scar from reattaching? And what kind of doctor should I look for? Most facial surgeons I find have never seen a condition like mine.

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I haven't examined you, but the problem you describe is not that unique. Your initial treatment does sound appropriate, but unfortunately did not work for you. Your surgeon had the right idea, first release from the deeper tissue, then placement of a buffer to prevent re-adhesion. There are other substances (Integra, Alloderm, etc.) besides fat that can be placed underneath the scar following release that may work, but this would require another procedure and little bit of luck. It's very hard to tell without a physical exam, but a second try is probably reasonable. You should be looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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