I Had a Facelift a Yr Ago. I Am Swollen my Neck Behind my Ears. Have Pain and Lumps on my Face. What Should Be Done?

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Pain one year after facelift is rare and demands investigation.

Pain two weeks after a facelift is unusual. After one-year something must be going on and this should be investigated by your surgeon.

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Swelling and bumps one year after facelift?

Dear Unhappy,

Sorry about your outcome.  You should be well healed by now so this is not swelling related to surgery.  It is hard to know what is going on without photos or in person exam.  Have you followed up with your surgeon?  This would be a good time to do so.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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Addressing issues one year after face lift


Thank you for the question.  One year after a face lift procedure should result in most if not all of the healing to be complete.  Swelling or other transient healing processes should have resolved by this time.  Any issues of fullness or irregularity would lead me to think that it is related to irregularity of soft tissue under your skin, fat grafting, or scar tissue.  You will be served best by contacting your plastic surgeon and having him/her evaluate you in person.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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I Had a Facelift a Yr Ago. I Am Swollen my Neck Behind my Ears. Have Pain and Lumps on my Face. What Should Be Done?

One year after a face lift, usually all the swelling and everything should have resolved.   Having lumps on the face and swelling behind the ears, may be due to scarring or due to some of the plication that was done in the area. The lumps on the face may be due to fat injections.  Pain after face lift may last for a long time. Usually, it is an altered feeling and it may be a year or two years until that is resolved.  Regarding the swelling and lumps, I recommend you should re-consult with your surgeon and have an understanding of what may have caused them.

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Facelift results after a year

By now, most of the healing has occurred. Although lumps are not uncommon, continued pain and swelling are. I would go to your surgeon for a consultation and evaluation. He will determine what the cause of the pain is, and hopefully offer you an adequate course of treatment. 

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Lumps, Scarring, Hypertrophy, Pain After a Facelift

This is actually a fairly common consideration and a very good question to introduce.  I agree that most of the major healing has occurred after one year.  However, there are 3 major issues that can arise after a well performed facelift to consider.

First, you may simply have a hypertrophic scar.  This is simply a denser version of a normal process that can be injected with a steroid very safely in seconds in the office.  This should settle the process down.  On occasion, you may require a few treatments but the outcome should be great.

Second, you may have developed a small standing soft tissue cone, or "dog ear."  This can occur at the most distant parts of an incision and essentially are the result of rotating tissue in areas where excess occurs.  Tailors have long dealt with this situation with pleats- a very unacceptable solution when dealing with faces!  This may require a very simple revision and you should be fine.

Third, the neck skin is quite thin and is brought in approximation with a very thick scalp tissue.  This can result in uneven skin reapproximation over time, even when performed technically very well.  It is simply an outcome of trying to match up very different tissue types.  At times, this will require excising the scar with revision, but the outcomes are very good.

Bottom line is that most of these problems have fairly reliable and more simple techniques for correction.  I agree that you should first consult with your surgeon.

Dr. Hobgood



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Lumps after a Facelift

After a full year the healing process is basically complete.  Lumps, bumps and pain is not normal this far out.  Have you spoken about this with the surgeon who did your procedure? If you are not happy, I would be willing to evaluate some photos and give you my recommendation.  Send them to my office at bitnerstaff@gmail.com.


John Bitner, MD
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Unhappy one year after facelift

  After one year, you are really healed from your procedure.  I believe that you should return to your operating surgeon and tell him of your unhappiness, especially regarding the bumps behind your ears.  I am confident that he will try to help you.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Pain and lumps after neck lift what can be done?

Pain and lumps after neck lift what can be done? You should be mostly healed 1 year after a face lift. I would go see your doctor and he may consider some steroid injections. There are ways to make your pain get better as well as the lumps.

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Facelift 1 year ago

Without photos we would have no idea what is going on but there should be no lumps or pain at this point. I would see you surgeon to discuss your concerns right away. Good luck


George T. Boris, MD, FRCS (account suspended)
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