Facelift upper/lower eyelids / TT - what procedures should I combine? Which one should I do first? How much time between?

I am a 52 yr old female in good health. I want a facelift, upper/lower eyelids and tummy tuck. At the moment, I am scheduled to have both the TT and eyes at the same time. After I recover, I will schedule a facelift. What is the most cost efficient combination? Should I have the facelift/eyes together and tummy tuck separate? Or TT and eyes together, and facelift later? How much time after the TT can I have a facelift, or vice versa?

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Surgery of Face and Body

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In your case,, staging the procedures makes sense. best to do full face at one time. This way you have a single facial recovery. I often incorporate fat grafting into facial rejuvenation surgery so this will be most cost effective.
You can schedule either the face or the tummy tuck first, depending on your preference.

Look carefully at before and after photos. Surgical scars around the belly button are not acceptable. Pixie ears, distorted hairlines, hollowed-out, or over-filled faces are also signs to watch for. If you see before and after images like this from the plastic surgeon you are considering, keep looking. 

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Combining Procedures with Facelift

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Both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures are often used to refine results. A facelift addresses overall moderate to severe skin laxity, where complementary surgeries can be used to focus on certain areas of concern. Typical surgical procedures done in conjunction with a facelift include a necklift (a lower rhytidectomy), eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), and fat removal (liposuction beneath the chin). Minimally invasive procedures, such as temporary dermal fillers and neurotoxins (Botox), can help add plumpness and smooth out fine lines. I would recommend combining all the procedures together to minimizing overall recovery time.

Combining procedures as part of a facelift is highly variable.

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From my point of view I would probably do the facelift and eyelids together. That way the stigmata of the facial rejuvenation would be done away with with one convalescence. Also is not totally out of the question to do all three procedures based on a variety of circumstances.

Combo surgery

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As others have suggested, it makes sense to combine the facial procedures into one surgery, and the abdominoplasty to another.  In that sense, you have only one recovery for the face. However, discuss with your plastic surgeon about his preference considering he's the one doing the surgery.  Good luck.

Facial Procedures Combined With Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your question. Without knowing your history or having examined you, I cannot speculate as to why this is your surgeon's choice. If you are trusting this doctor to operate on you, then rely on his or her judgement. Any time you are looking at multiple procedures the issue to consider is time spent under anesthesia. The longer the time you are under, the higher the chance becomes that you could have complications. In general, if it was best for my patient, I would do the two facial procedures together and the abdominoplasty separately. I would advise 4-6 weeks in between the two surgeries.

Mary Lee Peters, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Best to combine facelift and eyelids with tummy tuck as a separate procedure at a different time

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As you can see most plastic surgeons prefer to do facelift and upper and lower blepharoplasty as one procedure.  This is primarily because these are complex procedures which require concentration on the part of your surgeon and extended anesthesia time.  After completing a facelift and 4 lid blepharoplasty most plastic surgeons would not want to start abdominoplasty.

From my point of view at makes no difference which you choose first.  However I advise recommended patients choose the procedure which will give them the most satisfaction first and typically since the face and eyes are so visible that would be the first choice.

Combined Procedures

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I would recommend combining the facial procedures into one session.   This is commonly done and allows one area of your body to completely recover at a time.  

Tummy tuck then facial procedures later

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Do the tummy tuck first, then wait at least 6 weeks for the facelift, brow, and eyelids. That way there is less potential for anesthesia issues, and it is good to have all the facial procedures done at the same time.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift, lower eyelids, TT

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My suggestion would be to perform the facial procedures at the same time, that way you have to hide the bruising only once and the pain from a TT will not increase the risk of bleeding on the facial procedures. Usually we recommend about 6 weeks between procedures but each surgeon is different. Cost wise discuss this with the surgeons office.

Rick Rosen, MD
Norwalk Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift upper/lower eyelids / TT - what procedures should I combine?

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It's fine to combine the eyelid surgery and TT if it serves your needs in some way, but typically those of us who do a lot of facial rejuvenation surgery prefer to do everything that is necessary on the face at one time so we keep the operative field contained to that area. The tummy tuck would not be done at the same time as the face if you are doing the whole face. That's enough surgery and time under anesthesia for one day.  If you want to do them close together it is best to do the TT first and then any time after about 2-4 weeks do the face. That is because we don't want all that anesthetic apparatus around a fresh face lift. Hopefully you are having an anesthesiologist. That is your insurance during the procedure.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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