Best Kind of Facelift for Mid-face Area?

What is the best kind of Facelift for the mid-face area? I'm thinking about getting a Mini Facelift. I'm 54, but I happily don't really look my age (good genes, never smoked, etc.). My forehead is very smooth, no lines to speak of, but my middle face (eyes to chin) does look a bit tired. I'm thinking that a Midfacelift, plus a dermal filler for lines on the corners of my mouth, would be enough. But what kind of mid-face lift is the best? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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This is a much more complex question than you realize....

This is a much more complex question than you realize. In face lift studies on identical twins, I was able to show that a variety of techniques can provide excellent results. Plastic surgery must be individualized to the particular patient and you should discuss your goals with your surgeon.

While there are a variety of incisions and techniques available, you should be trying to achieve the best result possible with the least risk. There are patients younger than you who may need a more involved operation, and there are patients older than you who may need less. The elasticity of your skin needs to be evaluated, your health history, smoking, lifestyle etc.

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"Best" facelift The facelift that will get the best and...

"Best" facelift

The facelift that will get the best and most natural result is probably not a mini-facelift. Inherently, the minimal undermining that goes along with a minilift does not allow proper youthful reconstruction of the cheek area. The tension placed on a minimally undermined area pulled tightly also inherently produces wide scarring.

There are many types of cheeklift, all accomplishing different goals. We have several articles below on the topic you may wish to read.

If the eye-cheek junction is an issue, we have found the ultrashort incision subciliary cheeklift (USIC), in combination with a volume elevating SMAS reconstruction to be the most effective at smoothing out the eye-cheek junction, elevating facial SMAS tissue, preserving volume and preserving a natural hairline, natural temporal hairline and natural appearing earlobe.

There are several advances beyond fillers for the corner of the mouth area as well. For the corners of the mouth, a DAO procedure may also be helpful (division of the depressor anguli oris), in addition to grafts (i.e. LiveFill) placed in areas of deficiency around the mouth.

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Midface lift and fillers

You may be correct in your assumption that you need a midface lift and filler, but it is hard to say without an exam. I get great midface lifts with high SMAS technqiues.

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Address with the best facelift surgeon and ask direct questions

Every individual presents with different aging changes to the face and overall anatomy. There are a number of elements that impact on the decision as to which procedure, which therapy would be the best in resolving the changes of aging. Midfacelift type procedures aspire to improve reduction of the laugh line or nasolabial fold, improvement of the cheek prominence and reduction of the lid/cheek length or elongation of the lower lid gauntness. In expert hands a midfacelift can provide some real rejuvenation to the midface region. However, with a midfacelift there is minimal improvement to the jowls and indeed no improvement to the neck area. So this type of lift only partially corrects the changes of aging. A mini-facelift will indeed address lower face concerns. In many realms a mini facelift plus a midfacelift essentially adds up to a facelift. Overall the best answer tends to be addressing various issues by consulting with the best facelift surgeon that you can find and ask direct questions as to what is the best treatment answer for the areas of concern.

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Best Facelift For Mid-Face Area

Their are a variety of facelifts, many with variable effectiveness on the midface area.  Often times, surgeons can work with your existing anatomy to determine the right lift or procedure to help rejuvenate your face.

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Optimal mid-face lift

Mid face lift is not one procedure.  The area of the the face called mid-face can be corrected in number of ways, some with incisions in the skin some with endoscopic approach.  The field of facial surgery is full of gimmicks and sub-par procedures. An experienced and expert facial rejuvenation surgeon will carefully assess each patients individual anatomy and aging process to design a unique surgical approach. Only in this fashion can a beautiful, dramatic, natural and lasting result can be obtained. 

Do not be caught up in "mid-face" nomenclature. Make sure your surgeon carefully explains to you what procedure is being contemplated and what is the expected result. Only then can you avoid disappointment after surgery. You might find it insightful to ready my article on "Fast Tract Facelift" which can be found on my web site under "publications".

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Midfacial rejuventation options

The real answer to your question depends on your anatomy.  Everyone is different.  I have a wealth of experience with midfacelift and love the procedure for the right person, but if your not the right person you can be disappointed.  You need to first determine what the exact issue is that's bothering you and then determine which options are best for you.  Best of luck.

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Therer are many options for the midface area

A midface lift entails lifting the cheek or middle part of the face so that the folds around the mouth are less pronounced and the cheeks are elevated in a more pleasing manner. Personally, I don't think midface lifts really make a person look younger in this area. The problem with the midface area is that when people age, they lose volume in this area and really you need to revolumize the midface to help someone look younger here.

Facial implants in this area can help as well as fat injections or dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are limited by there lack of longevity. They typically last for 6 months to a year or two at most. Fat injections, when done right, can last for 10 years or longer. The way you can tell yourself, is by looking at pictures of yourself when you were younger and you will see that most of the age related changes that have occured are due to predominately a volume loss.

When a person has a severe amount of volume loss, you can add implants to help with replacing a big part of the volume and employ fat to help with transitioning and filling in the areas around the implant to reach your ultimate goal.

Consulting a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon would be something that I recommend. We specialize in the face and are highly qualified to help you with this.

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Go to the very best plastic surgeon and ask for their advice

This is no time for a discounted plastic surgeon.  This is your face!  Go to the best you can find and ask them what they would advise.  Look at photos of their patients who started  somewhat like you and see if you like the results you see.  Then proceed. 

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Liquid facelift is an excellent option for midface lift

From your description it sounds as though you want fuller cheeks and improvement in the nasal labial fold and mouth region.

Traditional face lift or cheek lift can give you an excellent result when done by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. However surgery does leave scars and recovery is required.

Honestly, even the best facelift, after time does allow some recurrant laxity in the area around the mouth. While the forehead, jawline, and neck often retain excellent tighteness and rejuvenation, the midface region around the mouth often relaxes after a couple of years.

The new liquid face lift or liquid cheek lift can produce very pleasing midface rejuvenation. I often do this procedure on patients who have had a good facelift, but develope recurrant laxity in the midface region, particularly around the mouth.

This may be a non-surgical option for you. I use Radiesse, but there are many fillers available including Juvederm and Evolence.

This is a relatively new technique. Experience and technical expertise is required. I recommend a board certified plastic surgeon for this procedure and ask him/her specifically if they have experience with this techniqiue.

Many non plastic surgeons inject fillers today, but many just do not have the aesthetic judgement and understanding of facial anatomy and aging changes that an experienced board certified plastic surgeon has, in my opinion.

See photos of a facelift and a liquid face lift.

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