How Can I Make my Face Wider and More Masculine?

I've noticed that my face is very narrow and being a male, it isn't very benificial. I was wondering if any procedures could fix this by adding width to my face, it's very noticeable around my jaw as it is weak and narrow, I also have a receding chin and i would love to make this change my face, I'm 17 and live in the UK if that would change my options, either way I would love to know a way to get around it, thanks.

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There are several ways to surgically change the appearance of the face. You should consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options. If your dental occlusion (Bite) is a problem, thea a Maxillofacial surgeon will be of help. Being as young as you are, future growth, weight changes and medical legal consent are factors that must be considered.


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