Face Still Sore to Touch and Swollen 9 1/2 Weeks After Facelift, Normal?

I had a middle and lower face lift 9 1/2 weeks ago. Just along the jawline and up to the hollows under my cheeks is still very sore to touch. The skin is hard and swollen. I have noticed from this website that massage could be good but my face is just too tender to massage. How soon will it take to get better and is it normal to be sore and swollen after this length of time.

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Sore & swollen 9 wks post-op

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9 weeks is still relatively early in healing process after your surgery.  There are still irritated nerves and tight muscles.  As long as things seem to be improving and not getting worse be patient and continue to follow up with your surgeon.  Midface lifts (aka Cheek lifts), such as the case in the link below, have swelling up to 6 months after surgery

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This is a little abnormal.

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However, it does take a very long time to heal from a facelift and even longer after a mid face lift.   Depending on what was done, bone tenderness can persist for many months.  I recommend that you see your surgeon and discuss your concerns.  Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents like motrin can be very helpful.

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