V Face Shaped Pointy Chin. How To Achieve This? (photo)

ok so heres another question about my chin.what if i want my chin to look a bit pointy not roundish.would i have to get an implant?because if they put an implant im sure my chin will look long and i dont want that.cant they just get my normal chin and shape it?or do they have to put a big inplant so the skin will form with it?and if i take some cheek fat of my face i will have a form of a V and i like that but i want the chin to be pointy going along with my cheeks not buldging out

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Chin Narrowing By Ostectomy

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A v-shaped or more pointy chin can be achieved by intraoral ostectomies of the sides of the chin done by a reciprocating saw. This will make the chin bone more narrow. A central button chin implant is only used for a more pointy chin if it is horizontally deficient, which yours does not appear to be. 

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