Face red, burning and itchy after facelift?

Had a facelift 7 weeks ago in the US when under going migraine surgery. For the last couple of weeks my skin has become red, itchy and burning it is becoming unbearable and I feel like clawing my face off. Could this be an infection, has anyone heard of these symptoms before? Would antibiotics helps

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Red, burning and itchy face after facelift while overseas

Red, burning and itchy face right after surgery would be either a normal or an abnormal finding. If facelift surgery is performed with chemical peel skin resurfacing, these could be normal temporary signs and symptoms. If the facelift is performed without skin resurfacing, it is very likely that these are not normal findings. Overseas patients that undergo surgery in the US and are recovering back at their home countries should contact their facelift surgeons immediately if these symptoms occur. Patient should consider e-mailing high-resolution pictures of their face (taken with good lighting) so their surgeons can assess better the concern. If overseas patients are unable to contact their US facelift surgeon, they should contact a local plastic surgeon or at least a primary care doctor promptly.

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Burning at 7 weeks after facelift

is very unusual. You need to contact your surgeon. A photo may help us help you in the interim?

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