Face & Neck Included in Lifestyle Lift?

does this include both, the face & neck?? if not, how much for each?

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What does a Lifestyle Lift entail?

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My understanding of a lifestyle lift is that it entails a lower third facelift and a platysmal plication, which is a tightening of the muscle in the neck. Prices are quite variable regarding facial rejuvenation procedures. Surgeon experience, location, and amount of work that is done all play a factor in determining price. I advise doing at least two consultations with qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeons before moving forward with the surgery.

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It depends

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A traditional lifestyle lift is just a facial procedure.  If you would like a neck lift, this is at an additional cost (look at the fine print in the ads underneath the pictures, they have to tell you that by law).

Remember, though, that with any surgery, you get what you pay for.  A "quick", "painless", and "cheap" facial surgery will likely not give you the results you would like, especially over time.  My advice before proceeding is to see a board-certified plastic surgeon with facelift experience and compare/contrast information you get at both consults before making your decision.

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Does lifestyle lift include the NECK?

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The typical lifestyle lift does relatively little work BEHIND the ears.  In my experience, unless a LOT of surgical work is done behind the ear, the patient will get inadequate neck improvement and/or significantly shorter lasting results in the neck.

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