Face Lift to Reshape the Face

hi, i'd like to know if a face lift can be used to reshape the face and not just for sagging skin. i'm 30 years old so my skin is still pretty tight but the whole face is kinda "droopy", i wonder if a face lift or a forehead lift could just be used to reshape the upper part of my face and make it wider and make the eyes a little more almond shape or make the jawline tighter.

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Positive Facelift Results

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For patients in their 30's, I recommend a blepharoplasty or mid facelift along with filler to the cheeks. This will improve the cheekbone fullness and tighten the skin below the eyes, making the eye shape more attractive.  

Mark Codner, MD FACS

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Volume restoration or enhancement is likely your best solution

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Without pictures it is difficult to definitively answer your question but it is very unlikely that any lifting procedure, other than possibly a brow lift, would be indicated.  Rather, you probably can get the changes you are looking for with fillers or volumizers like Sculptra.  Consultation with a surgeon experienced in volume enhancement would be the best way to answer your questions.  The beauty of treating various areas of the face with volume is that you can try temporary fillers and volumizers to see if you like the look and, if so, can do something more permanent like fat transplantation later.

Keith A. LaFerriere, MD (retired)
Springfield Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facial contouring without face lift

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There are a number of options for facial contouring that don't require a face lift.  Seeing photos would be helpful.

Face Lift

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 A facelift can be used to reshape the face, and eye changes can be performed at the same time.  Any bigger change in existing facial structure presents additional risks you must be willing to accept.  See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area who is comfortable with the changes you are requesting.

Facelift to Reshape the Face

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In some ways your question is a very advanced question that signifies a deep understanding of how the human mind percevies age.  The human mind perceives age based upon the overal shape of the face. Shaping the face is the general goal for the majority of facial rejuvenation procedures and is how a facial plastic surgeon can achieve natural effective results.

However, a facelift is absolutely NOT the right procedure for a 30 year old in order to do this.  The goal of a facelift is to improve the jawline and the neck to get rid of that square appearance to the face. This generally occurs in the mid to later 40s and later.  In the 30's the general loss of facial shape, if it exists, occurs from mid-face ptosis (cheeks sagging) or more commonly volume loss in the face.  In these instances a mid-face lift or more facial fillers (restylane, radiesse, fat grafting) may be a better solution for you.

Jacob D. Steiger, MD
Boca Raton Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 68 reviews

Facial Shapes

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This may be a case where fillers and volume augmentation are the most effective interventions.  If you’d like, I can evaluate photos and provide you with my preliminary thoughts.

Facelift to improve sagging in a young patient, fillers and fat

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Certainly before age 40, patients should be counseled about the importance of volume of the face.  As we age, most of the early changes are related to weaking of the cheek bones and jawline, loss of plump fat, and sun damage.

At the age of 30 to 40, I would recommend the following:

1.)  Do not consider a facelift.  This is premature and will definitely impact any future facial work.

2.)  Sunblock, sunblock....and then more sunblock.  I'm sure you're doing this already.

3.)  Great skinproducts.  One key ingredient should be a retinoic acid product if you aren't pregnant or breast feeding.

4.)  Volume enhancement with hylauronic acid fillers, hydroxlapatite, fat transfer etc.

5.)  Consider a relatively quick peel with a TCA product if you have sun damage.  I would recommend 35% or higher performed by an experienced physician.

Admittedly, this is a cook book answer to a great question but works well in almost all cases.

Best wishes, 

Dr. Todd Hobgood

Contour Improvements Not Reshaping

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The power of a Facelift is improving the jawline while a forehead lift give some improvement to the brow and can soften muscles the produce wrinkles.  The procedures CAN NOT CHANGE SHAPE OF THE EYES OR FACE.  These procedures redrape loose skin over your existing skeletal shape

Non-Surgical Options

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Of course, pictures would help, but at your age a facelift is very unlikely to be appropriate.  Fillers can be used to fill in the "smile lines" and when they are deep you can certainly feel like your face is droopy.  Botox can also be used to change the appearance of eyebrow position which is very common at 30.  There are lots of non-surgical options to consider.

Melanie L. Petro, MD
Birmingham Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Face Lift or Other Procedures Can Reshape Your Face

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Dear r o-

Yes, a facelift can reshape your face.  Most plastic surgeons can do wonders with your skin and your SMAS (the facial tissue under the skin) to reshape your face.


However, given that you're only 30, you're probably a better candidate for facial reshaping with small procedures in the office, such as a dermal filler, skin tightening with a laser or skin care, Botox, or even fat grafting.  At the age of 30, you probably do not have a lot of loose skin.  A face lift addresses loose skin, so the fact that you're so young implies that your facial shape may benefit from other smaller procedures. 


Of course, a consultation with your local plastic surgeon will give you the best answers for your face.


Best Wishes,

Roy Kim, MD

Roy Kim, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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