I Had my Face Lift Repeated Because the Undermining the First Time Was Inadequate.

I had my face lift repeated because the undermining the first time was inadequate. This time feels much better, secure and more natural. Sadly, during the same corrective procedure the surgeon cut my levator muscle when adjusting one eyelid and brow. He stitched it up in his office and says it looks fine, but my eye itches and aches, and by evening my eyeball looks like it's bulging. Is this normal post surgical? Will this correct itself? It's been two weeks since surgery.

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Revision facelift

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Talk to your doctor about your concerns about your eyelid.  You may want to go into the office to have him examine things again.

Itching in the eye can be quite normal; there are things you can do to minimize it.  It should be unrelated to any levator work that was done.

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Itching after revision facelift and eyelid lift can be a sign of healing but see your doctor

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It is not uncommon to feel itching 2 weeks after facial and eyelid surgery. This is usually related to healing. However the bulging can be a sign of internal bleeding or excessive scar formation. It is best to see your doctor and have an exam

Two weeks = too early to tell after redo of a mini-lift.

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Revision faces tend to hang on to swelling longer.  Even if the original face surgery was an abbreviated technique.  As far as eyelid misadventures, make sure the eye is properly lubricated during the healing phase during which function is not completely normal.  Follow surgeons instructions to the letter.

Ritu Chopra, MD
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Revisional Surgery Recovery

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Two weeks is a short period of time for a secondary eyelid procedure. A secondary procedure may lead to increased swelling and recovery. I would recommend following your physicians recommendations and having patience with your results.

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The Failed Face Lift

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One has to fully evaluate why the result of a face lift is inadequate. Often it is not the skin undermining, but it's what is done or not done in the deep layer (SMAS). The deep layer, or the SMAS, is actually the component of a face that provides the longevity to a facelift and separates it from the "quick one day mini face lift" with skin undermining only. One would have to fully evaluate the patient because a true face lift is one that is multiple layers with skin repositioning, deep layer positioning, as well as killing the deflated SMAS or the fat compartment layers to give you a more natural look to your face. 

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
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Complications after facelift.

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.MINI =MINI  I TELL MY PATIENTS.  POSSIBLY YOU HAD A MINI LIFT AND IT WAS DISAPPOINTING TO YOU AS IT IS TO MANY.  I AM SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU.   The second surgeon did a complete job and your eye and eyelid will be fine.  It takes time to heal.  Visit your surgeon weekly until this resolves and get the help.  Surgeons realize post operative support is a huge part of their job.  If you worry, go see an opthalmologist.  The eye doctors are great people who we work hand in hand with.  Good luck.

Eye Itching and Pain 2 weeks post facelift

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It sounds as though your surgery successfully corrected the shortcomings of your previous facelift.  Itching and soreness is not uncommon after revision eyelid surgery, especially at 2 weeks.   I would recommend close followup with your plastic surgeon, as this should resolve over the ensuing 2-4 weeks.   If there is any concern, your board certified plastic surgeon will most likely recommend evaluation by an opthalmologist to ruleout other issues.

Paul S. Gill, MD
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Facelift recovery

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Undermining is necessary to get a great result and this is why minilifts don't work very well or for very long.As far as your eyes are concerned, stick close to your doctor and he will get you through.

Swelling and Itching 2 Weeks after Eyelid Repair

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You have an honest, caring surgeon who will continue to manage your post-op course. Follow his advice.  The bulging is probably normal, the itching will pass.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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I Had my Face Lift Repeated Because the Undermining the First Time Was Inadequate.

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My guess you will need more extensive repair. Sorry to tell you this. Best to discuss with the surgeon or get a second opinion. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

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