Face Lift or Filler for Jowls? (photo)

I have asked my question a few days ago.But I don't receive a reply.I am only 22 years old.But my face looks very old and tired.I have sagging skins and jowls.My apple cheeks are flat and tear throughs are prominent.I find out some reasons .I used to have yo-yo dietings so my weight changed rapidly.I also overdid facial massage.Maybe there are other factors which cause loose skin.I want to know what I can do.Do I need a face lift or fillers?Here are my pictures.

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Face Lift Rarely Needed for Someone in their twenties

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It would be important to have an exam for the best answer but based on your limited photos with poor lighting conditions it would appear that a chin implant with possibly a small amount of liposuction in the jowl area may be of benefit. You should still have good elasticisy because of your yound age and ethnicity so should not need a facelift at this age.

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