How Much is a Face Lift Compared to a Lifestyle Lift ?

What is the price range of a mini face lift procedure done by a certified/qualified medical plastic surgeon?

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"Lifestyle lift" cost vs. "real facelift" cost?

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Lifestyle lifts are name-branded facial "mini" lifts done by doctors who "sign up" with the Lifestyle Lift national marketing campaign to supplement their income. When you go to one of their "centers" for a consultation, you are seen by a "care consultant" who decides if you are [gullible enough to pay several thousand dollars for an often-mediocre "short-incision" one-operation-fits-all pseudo-facelift by a doctor who you don't meet until the day of your procedure--oh, excuse me] a candidate for the procedure.

With a "Lifestyle lift" you still have incisions, scars, and healing; what you don't have is a personalized analysis by an experienced plastic surgeon who does lots of "complete" facelifts (and, BTW, the longer incisions for a SMAS facelift are hidden in the hair, behind the ear, and in the scalp behind the ear). Trying to do quality work through just the part of the incision that is visible anyway (in front of the ear) seems so unnecessary (? foolish) and limits proper safe visibility for the sake of a "marketing point."

Are you sure of the doctor's training, credentials, and experience? Is the surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or some other board that may have nothing to do with plastic surgery? (The "American Board of Cosmetic Surgery" is NOT an ABMS member board!) Read my article of the About tab of my Profile page titled: "Why Board Certification is Critical in Choosing a Plastic Surgeon." You should ask yourself why any doctor who should be skilled at facelift surgery needs to supplement income, or has time to go somewhere else than their busy office or usual operating facility.

Bottom line: ANY kind of mini lift usually gives even MORE "mini" results, and the cost savings evaporate when you need a "real" facelift in a few short years, or even corrective surgery for improperly-performed procedures. Please see one or more ABPS-certified plastic surgeons for advice regarding facelift surgery. Realize that in this economy there will always be one or more surgeons (even a few properly-certified ones unfortunately) who are more than happy to give you exactly what you ask for--even if it is not really the best or the most appropriate procedure. So don't decide on your own that any kind of "mini" lift (Lifestyle or otherwise) is for you. Ask what is BEST, not what is CHEAPEST!

Best wishes!

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 263 reviews

Price of Facelift vs. Lifestyle lift

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The price of a lifestyle lift is likely far less than a facelift customized for you by an experienced, well trained plastic surgeon. But, the cost in terms of complications, unsatisfactory results or possible reoperations could be very significant. The results of a good facelift are long lasting. The results of a bad facelift are forever.

My time on the day of surgery will benefit my patients the rest of their lives. Personally, for me, it would be a soulless pursuit for my office to just collect the patients payment and then rush through the a 'cookie cutter' procedure and obtain a mediocre result. The real joy is doing my very best knowling my patients and their families have trusted me with their faces and their well-being and providing the best result possible to the patient.

One size fits all surgery will rarely proviude patients with the desired results. Today the popular media is filled with reports of the "latest and greatest" aesthetic treatments and procedures (including surgical procedures) many of which come and go in the blink of an eye. In some instances the "latest thing" may merely turn out to be ineffective, but in some cases it may turn out to have an unacceptably high risk of complications, and in a few cases it may turn out to be, quite frankly, dangerous.

Buyer beware: a number of ‘limited incision’ and ‘quick recovery’ facelift procedures are currently marketed to patients with names like “The Quicklift”, “The Lifestyle Lift”, “The Weekend Facelift”,  etc. As with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. In my opinion, the results of surgery are in direct proportion to the time and effort that the surgeon has put into the procedure. Most of the procedures I have listed above cut corners to arrive at a shorter surgical time and quicker recovery (which, by the way, isn’t always the case), and most of them undertreat or do not at all improve the neck. Additionally, ‘cutting corners’ in the neck almost always leads to distortion of the neck area skin, which often is quite readily apparent in ‘before and after’ images of these procedures with gimmicky names.

Surgical treatment of facial aging changes must be carefully individualized to match each patient's aesthetic needs and desires. No two 'facelifts', by necessity, are the same. In helping a patient to make decisions about plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation, I always examine and assess how each aesthetic area or 'unit' of the face contributes to an individual's overall appearance: the brows and eyelids, the cheeks or 'midface', the lower face and chin, and the neck. An individualized surgical plan is then developed which addresses each patient's specific concerns and needs.

Consult with a plastic surgeon who has experience and expertise in both surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation to determine the treatment plan that is best for you.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 123 reviews

Facelift versus Lifestyle Lift

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Lifestyle Lift is a trademark. In reality, it is a lower third facelift typically using a SMAS imbrication or plication technique and a platysmaplasty to address the neck. I have met a few surgeons who currently work for or have worked for the company. The few that I have met are well trained surgeons.

The problems with the Lifestyle Lift is that their model does not allow for individual tayloring of procedures to meet a specific patient's needs. Everybody gets a lower third facelift and a platysmaplasty. What if a patient needs volume restoration as well? To my knowlege (I may be wrong) they don't have the infrastructure in place to offer fat grafting or synthetic fillers. What if a patient needs a chin implant? What if a patient needs laser resurfacing? Another problem is that many of the surgeon do not have the latitude to take patients to a surgery center to address brow ptosis or mid-face aging, procedures that usually require general anesthetic.

Another consideration is that not every patient is a good candidate for a lower third facelift using local anesthetic. It is critical to take the time to discuss patient expectations. If you question your ability to tolerate the procedure under local then absolutely do not do it. It will be a nightmare. At Lifestyle Lift I do not believe they have the flexibility to offer general anesthetic. The end result is that everybody gets local.

In my opinion, where Lifestyle Lift is most deficient is in the overall patient experience. Most experienced surgeons have put a ton of work into their practice constantly fine-tuning techniques and paying attention to every detail to ensure that their patient's get the best experience from the initial consultation to the last post-op visit. At Lifestyle Lift the surgeon is an employee with very little input. The end result can be a very impersonal experience.

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facelift compared to lifestyle lift

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A full comprehensive face/neck lift usually runs between $10-$15,000.  This addresses tightening of the jowls, the facial features, tightening the muscles in the posterior portion of the neck, the anterior portion of the neck, fat removal both above and below the platysma muscle, and neckbands.  A mini lift is not going to address all of that.  A mini lift will give mini results and does not address the aging neck.  The cost of a mini lift is approximately half but is only good when the jowls are the single most objectionable aging component of the face that bothers the patient. 

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 157 reviews

Facelift short cuts

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I agree completely with all the posts below.  Find a true plastic and reconstructive surgeon that you trust and ask them if they think a 'lifestyle lift' would be indicated in you.  In my personal opinion, there is not a patient out there that needs skin resection that does not need tightening and reshaping of the SMAS(the deeper plane that makes a true facelift a true facelift).  When I perform a facelift all of the tension is carried by the SMAS not the skin which gives a natural look.  A skin only 'mini-lift' will never achieve this!

I hope this helps!

All the best,

Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Cost of Facelift vs Lifestyle Lift

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Lifestyle Lift is a franchised procedure designed to make money, not provide you the best result. They make money by  cutting corners which may put you in danger. I have no doubt that the originator has enough experience to do a good job. If you have the exact problem that the doctor on duty the day of your surgery, you may also get a good result. I have even seen this once. If every corporate policy is followed, it may even be safe. The problem comes in who decides what you need, who oversees the actual facility and then who does the surgery. I cannot give you absolutes about the procedure, but I have reviewed cases by some Lifestyle Lift doctors and have observed that there is a general theme in these reviews. The staff made the decision about what the patient needed and the doctor met the patient on the day of surgery. What was planned was not what the patient needed in order to rejuvenate the face. The doctor was not a Plastic Surgeon and knew how to do only one procedure, the most basic lift. This procedure did not provide what the patients needed. The doctor that did the procedure did not appear to know that a different procedure was needed. Even if this were not true, would you want the cheapest bidder remodeling your face? You generally get what you pay for. With a board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes if the face, you get someone who will evaluate you as an individual and choose the procedure that will provide you the best way to achieve your goal. For another view, go to and look up "Cosmetic surgery gets cheaper, faster, scarier."

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Lifestyle lift

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Don't do the Lifestyle Lift. Go Google "Bad results from Lifestyle Lift" and see what you get! Save up and get the real deal.

Is price the reason to choose a Lifestyle lift or a real facelift?

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You only have one face and the whole world sees it.  Consequently you should do the best research you can to get the most complete result and also the most natural looking result you can get.  Find a doctor who will meet with you for an hour at your first visit, who will be doing your surgery and all of your aftercare.  If you want the best, most customized surgery to meet your needs and the best aftercare, you should go to a private practic plastic surgeon and not to a branded minilift center IMO.  Really, price should be your last consideration because as one doctor answered, the most expensive procedure is the one that doesn't work for you.  I would also add that the most expensive procedure is the one where you need to go elsewhere aftrer to fix it.

How Much is a Face Lift Compared to a Lifestyle Lift ?

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  When everything is said and done, IMHO you always get what you pay for and when something seems too good to be true, it generally is.  Your face and appearance is an important asset and the real question is why would you not want the very best.  That means, IMO, a well trained, experienced face lift surgeon who will perform the face lift with you monitored in a fully accredited surgical facility.  If you're looking to spend less or save money, take a great vacation instead and save the face lift until you can get the best.  In the long run, I think you'll be much happier.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 28 reviews

How Much is a Face Lift Compared to a Lifestyle Lift ?

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LSL runs $5,000 to $8,000 done under local only, no monitoring, minimal supplies. a mini facelift by a boarded PS runs the same but you will be monitored and safety FIRST is the idea. 

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