8 Weeks Post Jowl Tightening/Chin Implant. Do You Recommend Ultra Sound Therapy?

i have had a face lift and jowl tighting and chin implant. it has been 8 wks, do you recommend ultra sound therapy?

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8 weeks post jowl tightening/chin implant Ultrasound Therapy

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I would discuss this with your surgeon.  I can't imagine why you would want or need ultrasound therapy or ulthera 8 weeks following a "jowl tightening/chin implant".   If I am correct in assuming by "jowl tightening" you mean a facelift.   You should have achieved sufficient correction of these problem areas with surgery alone.  If you want ulthera to enhance your results I would at least wait 3 months following your surgery.   Again, that is up to the discretion of your surgeon. 

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