Face Fat Grafting Caused Uneven Chin? (photo)

i had fat grafting on my face because i had condition that required me to do it , or i would ive never done it .im under 30 and im killing myself over regret because it can never be fixed . after 6 days my chin looks uneven and my lower lip is shifted that it looks very weird when i talk. also my face is not even , the doctor overfilled one area more than the other because it was sunken. will it even up ? and how soon ? if it doesnt what can i do to fix it? is massaging a good idea to contour

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Fat Grafting to Chin

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   Any asymmetry a few days after fat grafting may be asymmetric swelling.  Wait a few weeks.  Options to correct would be additional fat grafting, liposuction, or filler placement.

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