Is It Possible to Make the Face Even?

If someone's face is bigger on one side and smaller on the other side is it possible to make it even? If it is possible I wanted to know if there is a doctor that can be recommended for this procedure in Chicago or nearby. Thank you

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Facial asymmetry

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As part of the physical exam, I point out asymmetries of the face.  Everyone has them.  Attractiveness is measured by some facial asymmetry.  Look at any model in the magazines.

Facial Symmetry

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Most people have one side of their face that is bigger than the other.  It is very unusual to have a perfectly symmetric face.  In most cases, the size differences can be masked with fat grafting or dermal fillers.  However, if there is a large discrepancy, then you may need more extensive surgery to shift the underlying bony structure.  Good luck.

In the Pursuit of Facial Symmetry

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Very few faces are truly symmetric. Some philosophers much more spiritual than me have suggested that our facial asymmetry and imperfection is just a reminder that humansare imperfect creatures who should spend their lives seeking perfection in the persons, actions and lives. As Plastic surgeons we seek to improve on imperfection and narrow asymmetry with surgery, fat grafting and filler facial sculpting (Sculptra, Radiesse etc). In Chicago, my recommendation would me Dr. Steve Dayan and Dr. Otto Placik. Great surgeons who are related.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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Maiking the Face "Even" (as Opposed to "Odd") in the Windy City

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Hi 7,

Most faces are asymmetrical.  Facial Plastic Surgeons spend most of their time "evening out" faces.  Most of the time, fillers can be used to achieve the patient's goals, in some cases surgery may be necessary.  I currently prefer Sculptra to restore symmetry to my patient's faces. 

You are fortunate to have many fine facial cosmetic physicians in Chicago.  Steven Dayan,MD, Julius Few, MD, Regan Thomas, MD, and  RealSelf "All-Star" Otto Placik, MD are offices where I would start in the windy city after a Cub game of course.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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