Face Too Delicate and Thin for Small Round Silicone Chin Implant?

Hello! I had rhinoplasty and a chin implant 16 days ago. While my upper lip is going back to it's normal form, the lower lip is still really thin. Could the implant be too big and stretch my chin too much? It's hard to close my mouth too. How long does it take to get my mouth-shape back? Can an implant change it? Also my already thin and long face looks much longer now from the front and I can make out the shape of the implant- Swelling? Thank you in advance for an answer!

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Post Chin Augmentation and swelling

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I would give this some time as you are very soon in the post operative phase. From your description of not being able to properly close mouth etc it sounds like you still have swelling that is affecting your smile and mouth. A chin implant when placed properly should not lengthen the face. The augmentation will add projection for your profile allowing proper aesthetic balance of the face. Time is on your side! I suggest that you have frequent follow up appointments with your surgeon express your concerns and hopefully this will give you some peace of mind during this healing process. Best regards!

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Chin implant and facial swelling

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You are definately too early to look so closely at your results.  Keep in mind that gravity helps to get rid of swelling and this swelling will drift downwards.  Consequently, the areas higher up (your nose) wil look better earlier than the lower areas (your chin).  A chin implant does not increase lower facial height (the distance from the base of your nose to the bottom of your chin), so the longer appearance that you are seeing is probably temporary and due to swelling.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
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Facial appearance afte chin implant

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You probably have significant swelling still at 16 days post op.  I would give things more time to settle before making a judgement of the result.  The muscles and soft tissues take time to recover after implant placement.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Donald Nunn, MD
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