Face/Cheeks Falling Apart (Only 17)? (photo)

My face literally has no shape. My cheeks are extremely fat.It does not stick to the face but rather stick outward and slides down. Everyday I can feel it sliding down more and more. My right side has more "fat/muscle" than my left cheek. I don't even feel the left side anymore, it's to far out.The cheeks are complety uneven. It feels like I'm carrying extra weight on my face all the time.I can't even smile anymore.I just want to know what could possible be wrong with it?(there's no medical prob

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Facelift at 17

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  I am not seeing any of the stigmata of facial aging, and I would not recommend surgery for you at this time.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

7 years old face falling

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First stop obsessing. You are a product of your mother and fathers dna. We love them but we don't want to look like them or be them. Relax , you look pretty good to me and probaly your friends as well

Extremely fat cheeks and face falling down

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It doesn't look like your face is falling down at all. Your picture looks quite normal. I would consider an opinion from someone who specializes in this. Your primary care doctor could refer you. I would be wondering if you have body dysmorphic syndrome.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon


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Your face is not falling apart and looks perfectly fine to me.  You will always be able to find a plastic surgeon willing to operate on you but you don't need it.  Also at 17 you would need parental consent .  Have you discussed is issue with your parents.  If you can't get parental,consent, operating on you would be illegal at your age.  

Uneven Cheeks and Face

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Judging by the picture, there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with your cheeks or face and you are also very young. Everyone is asymmetrical to some degree, and slight facial asymmetry is completely normal. The structure of your bones and tissue are anatomical and a result of genetics. If it is of great concern to you, I recommend consulting with a specialized doctor who can better help you.

Face and cheeks falling

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This feeling is not normal particularly for someone your age and with pictures that look normal. You should discuss this with your doctor who can help you determine what is best for you. Good luck.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Face/Cheeks Falling Apart (Only 17)?

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 I'd have to see your face and cheeks without you smiling in order to evaluate the face for flat cheeks.  If they are indeed flat, Cheek Implants would be the answer.  Please share this answer with your parents as you are under 18 years of age.  

Face and cheeks falling apart

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I honestly don't know what you are referring to. Looks normal to me. Everyone's face is uneven from side to side. 

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