Face Changed, Shortened, Feminized? (photo)

Please help I'm a 21 year old female, I absolutely hate my face I won't go outside because of how ugly & (deformed) I look, I have had therapy & it does not help as my face still remains the same, as you can see from the photo I have a very long/wide forehead, long mid face, overall long drawn out face, wide/long nose, no width to my face, & very small uneven eyes which look extremely out of proportion to my face as it is so long and big. Is there anything surgery can do to make me look pretty?

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Face Changed

Dear Jademarie: Try not to be so tough on yourself!  Yes, there are many things an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon can do to improve facial features, but none of them will bring happiness (in and of themselves).  I recommend that you visit your local hospital first and help two people there that are less fortunate than yourself.  Then, contact two Cosmetic Surgeons who are very thoughtful and conservative.

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