Face Washing With Retin-A

i usually running around 7 p.m in the evening, should i wash my face with cleanser after that or just take a shower...i wash my face once in the morning after i wake up and apply moisturizer...at night around 10 p.m i wash my face again and about 30 laters i put on my retin a gel...

Should I Wash my Face Before or After I Exercies? and if So, Should I Wash It with Regular Water or with my "Purpuse Cleanser"?

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Washing after exercising

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I typically recommend using a face wash twice a day but the frequency can be adjusted based on how the skin looks and feels.  If you become very oily even with washing twice a day, then you can increase the frequency to three or four times a day.  If the skin is becoming very dry and irritated, then decrease face washing to once a day.  It is probably best to wash after exercising.  A gentle face wash such as Neutrogena Oil Free Wash, Neutrogena Foamy Cleanser, Purpose, Cetaphil Cleanser and even Dove soap works well for most of my patients.

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