I Had a Face and Neck Lift 4 Yrs. Ago and Still Have Numbing and Tigh Sensation from Ear to Ear?

Any suggestions on how to address this problem?

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Face and Neck Lift with Tightness from Ear to Ear

    A face and neck lift can sometimes involve placing a permanent suture from ear to ear under the chin to improve the cervicomental angle.  This suture may need to be removed.

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Numbing and tightness 4 years after facelift

Typically, sensation should return over the first 12-18 months. It is possible however, that you may never completely regain all sensation. The tight sensation typically fades over the first year as well although it is possible that it could persist longer. I would follow up with your surgeon to ensure that there is nothing else that may be contributing to the symptoms that you are describing.

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