F/U to the 3 Yr Tummy Tuck Suture "Spitting"

My pcp gave a shot of rocephin, script of bactrim & sent me to a gen surgeon THAT day who did some sort of procedure. He didn't find any pus pocket but said if it got worse come back. My left lower abdomen felt better, but the right was excruciating. Today I returned to him, and the culture said that there was some staff. He gave me a script for doxycycline (sp?) to take with the bactrim. I'm still slowly healing but this is awful pain. What does the staph infection mean? How serious is it

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Staph in the incision

You've now grown a staph culture in your incision.  It could be very simple since it is now open, but you should see a board certified plastic surgeon instead of all of those other specialists.  There are many in your area that are very well known.

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F/U to the 3 Yr Tummy Tuck Suture "Spitting"

GO SEE A board certified PLASTIC SURGEON in NASHVILLE!!!! Dr Fisher, Maxwell, Gringrass are excellent!!! Why delay you could have a real issue!!! From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

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Infection and tummy tuck?

It is unclear of the timing of everything, but if you had a tummy tuck you and are having an infection related to that procedure, you probably should see your plastic surgeon not the general surgeon.

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Staph infection after tummy tuck

A Staph infection in your case may be a superficial skin infection with a bacteria called Staphylococcus, which is found on the skin. It sounds like your doctors did the right thing by giving you antibiotics and opening the incision. Follow your surgeon's recommendations for wound care.

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