Can my Eyes Be Made More Symmetrical?

I have always had asymmetrical eyes and which may be something to do with the facial structure, rather than anything else. What bothers me is that the outer corner of the right eye appears higher than the left and the inner corner of the right eye appears lower than the left. Can it be fixed?

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Plastic Surgery for Asymmetrical Eyelids

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Facial asymmetry is normal, and naturally present to a certain degree in everyone. More symmetric faces are generally considered more beautiful, and asymmetry may be improved with facial plastic surgery. Speak with a plastic surgeon to help determine an appropriate option for you.

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Asymmetrical eyes can be difficult to change

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Each of us has natural facial asymmetry which begins in the bone structure. We also have a dominant eye which most often is slightly larger than the other. Eyelid asymmetries are very common, especially in the upper lid fold. Generally with eyelid surgery, rejuvenation is possible, symmetry is not. An interesting trick to prove the point can be done at home with a straight front view facial photograph. If you take your picture and flip the image as if you were seeing yourself in a mirror, take both prints, correct and flipped , and cut both down the middle. Then match up the two right sides, or the two lefts. The picture will be 'you' yet there will be something synthetic or 'doll' like. The perfectly symmetric image will not look 'right'.

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The answer is a big maybe.

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The outer corners can be adjusted.  However, it is an exceedingly difficult job-an art form really.  Many plastic surgeons who do eyelid surgery simply lack the experience or understanding to analyze the basis for these types of concerns and also lack the technical skills needed to carry out the surgery.  On the flip side, some issues are beyond correction or the effort need to improve the situation does not out weight the potential harm that might be cause in attempting to carry out the necessary surgery.  I recommend that you proceed with caution with an issue like this and obtain many opinions before having a surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Uneven eyes

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You should seek evaluation for the condition you describe. There are several potential reasons why they may appear this way and some of these are correctable while others may only be partially improved. Asymmetry in the bone structure may be responsible and nearly impossible to correct.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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