Eyes Won't Shut After Eyelid Surgery

My eyes don't shut after the surgery- still dry and burning after a month. I had eyelid surgery about a month ago and still cannot close my eyes. What else can I do other than putting drops and taping my eyes at nite? They are open even I am sleeping. In the mornings my eyes burns and drys.

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If your eyes don’t shut after surgery, you really just have to give it time

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If your eyes don’t shut after surgery, you really just have to give it time. It’s only been a month. Often I’ll have patients massage the eyelid or tape it. But, it really depends on the reason your eyes won’t shut and it is too hard to tell immediately after surgery. Sometimes further corrective surgery is necessary but other eyelid treatments, such as drops, can make it better over time without needing more surgery.

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Eyes not able to shut close 1 month after surgery

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You should discuss this with your surgeon. It is not unusual for the eyes to remain open in the early post-operative period (first 3 weeks). However, you are past that point and your eyes should be able to shut fully.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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