February Eyelid Surgery Ruined my Eyes: How Long Before I Can Have a Revision?

one lid had too much skin taken causing hematoma and now hangs low.also have a twisted tear duct causing liquid to pool in eye,with unnecessary 1/4 " scars at outer corners of both eyes.surgery was in feb this yr

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This photo looks like it was taken too not long after surgery.

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Generally, it is extremely helpful to allow the eyelids to heal for 6-12 months before considering a revisional surgery.  There are individual reasons and consideration why that time frame may be violated.  In general, this time is very helpful.  This does not mean that at the end of this period of healing that you are going to like your surgical results any better.  However, it is not too early to get a second opinion.  I would recommend Dr. Jeffery Nerad in Cinicinnati or Dr. Jill Foster in Columbus.

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It would appear that you have a condition known as 'cicatricial lower eyelid retraction' or an eyelid that is being pulled downward from scarring changes. This can cause a myriad of dry eye symptoms, including excessive tearing. The cure for this problem will most likely need to be a cheek lift, or skin graft, to recruit skin to replace the skin you have lost in the lower lid. Depending on the severity you may also need an alloderm or hard palate graft to provide spacing on the inside of the lower lid. I would recommend you seek the advice of an oculoplastic surgeon to determine your best course of action.

Roger Bassin, MD
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Unhappy result from eyelid surgery

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From your picture I would estimate that some of this may resolve with time.  Massaging the lower lids and taping them on the outer edge can help.  I would give it several more months before considering a revision surgery.  I assume you went to a board certified plastic surgeon.


Talmage Raine MD FACS

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Unhappy after eyelid surgery

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Your photo shows that the left lower eyelid is turned outward, and is facing away from the eye.  This means the opening for the tear duct  is no longer able to catch the tears before they drip down your face.  Furthermore, the inside lining to the eyelid is now exposed to the air, causing eye irritation, redness and discharge.  If this photo reflects the present status of your eyelid, three months after surgery, this is a serious problem.  I would suggest you and your surgeon sit down to discuss a plan.  If he/she is not skilled at dealing with these complications, ask for a recommendation to a physician who is an expert in cosmetic eyelid revision surgery.  Dr. Steinsapir mentioned two local physicians, Drs. Nerad and Foster, and there are others.  In the meantime, I would suggest you keep the eyelid and eye well lubricated with the appropriate ointment until such time as you can have this surgically corrected, or it settles down on its own.

Good Luck,

Yoash Enzer, MD

Yoash R. Enzer, MD, FACS
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Timing of revision lower eyelid surgery

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Patients, especially those with complex lower eyelid surgery, which yours is because of the forward set of your globe, have swelling postoperatively that may alarm the patient.

It is best to keep in very close contact with your surgeon and express your concerns to him or her directly.

There are many things you can be doing to aid your healing.

Brent Moelleken, MD
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Blepharoplasty and when to have revision Eyelid Surgery

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  If you are having issues with lower eyelid malposition (droopy lower eyelid), you may consider seeing an Occuloplastic Surgeon (Opthalmologist) ASAP as early correction and suspension methods are far easier, if done  immediately, than once your eyelids are further healed and scarred down.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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February Eyelid Surgery Ruined my Eyes: How Long Before I Can Have a Revision?

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I would wait a minimum of 6 months to allow full healing. Than seek a few in person evaluations. Best of luck. 

Timing for eyelid revision surgery

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Revision Surgery
Revision eyelid surgery should be done at least 6 months after the initial surgery to allow time for healing and tissues to soften. Asymmetries, excess skin, fat rolls, fat malposition can all be improved. Other treatments may include laser or chemical peels to tighten skin and improve texture.  With significant healing problems , its better to wait one year

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Sometimes if skin is removed and there is a tightening

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When you have surgery you should follow up with your doctor for local treatment.  Sometimes if skin is removed and there is a tightening, steroid injections can be done in the first 6 months and a treatment of the lateral scars (as well as digital massage).  Generally people wait at least 3 months after the surgery before considering corrective revision surgery.  But, depending upon the healing, the nature of the correction and how asymmetrical it is, we often will treat conservatively for up to 6 months with massage and potential injections.  But if after 3 months it is completely healed and conservative methods have been tried, revision surgery could be considered.

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
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Eyelid surgery revision

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Early in the healing process, the lower lids may feel tight because of swelling or pulling.  Massage or taping usually helps as directed by your surgeon.  The tearing you are experiencing may be from the pooling in the lid, but it may also be that the eye is becoming dry--this is also something to discuss with your surgeon.

Malik Kutty, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

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