Eyes Feels Like There is Grit in Them and Are Sensitive to Sunlight. Can Anything Be Done?

I was wondering if any operation could be done to help or even if the eyeball can be taken out and cleaned. My eyes have felt like this only since I had lower blepharoplasty a year ago. I am also thinking of having laser resurfacing around my eyes for wrinkles. Does this matter regarding my suitability or choosing to go ahead with the laser. Thanks.

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Sounds like "dry eye"

The symptoms you are having after lower blepharoplasty sound more like "dry eye". The eyes can’t be taken out to be lasered, and you have to be careful about laser resurfacing. Sometimes significant heavy laser resurfacing will cause the eyelids to tighten which is good, but sometimes it can also make the eyes drier.

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Eyes feels like there is grit in them

You sound like your issue is blepharitis, but you should seek the advise of an eye doctor in your area. This is a rare complication of blepharoplasty. From MIAMI Dr. B

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There are a variety of harms that can be caused by lower eyelid surgery.

Hi Harry

Without a personal assessment, it is difficult to know how your current lower eyelids affect your eye comfort.  Depending on what is going on, the prior lower eyelid surgery can very much contribute to your current dry eye sensation.  Performing structural surgery on the lower eyelid can in some cases make a big difference to eye comfort.  With regarding to having laser resurfacing, if you are not comfortable now, you are even less likely to be comfortable after laser resurfacing.  So laser resurfacing is not advisable.  As you are in the UK, I would recommend that you get assessed at Moorefields by a cornea specialist regarding your dry eye.  If they feel that your lower eyelids need to be reconstructed, they can refer you to a staff oculoplastic surgeon. 

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Dry irritated eyes can be a complication of lower lid surgery

Dry irritated eyes, known as keratitis sicca and exposure keratopathy, can follow lower eyelid Blepharoplasty but can also occur without a history of eyelid surgery . To get a proper diagnosis you should see an Ophthalmologist. There are a number of very helpful treatments.

I would advise waiting on the laser resurfacing until the other problem is under good control

Hope this helps

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