Are my Eyes and Eyebrows Asymmetric and What Can Be Done to Fix It?

I think my eyes and eyebrows are asymmetric. Also, my eyes seem to be droopy.Can you please confirm whether I am right by looking at the pictures? If yes, what is the best way to fix it. Please note: 1. I am in middle of loosing weight. I started at 215 pounds and now am at 182 lbs. 2. My glasses needs to be replaced. My current glasses power on the right and left side is 1 point lower then it should.

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Eyelid and Brow Asymmetry--How to Improve this.

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Congratulations on your weight loss! If you haven't had a recent medical evaluation, consider having your thyroid hormones checked to ensure that there is not a component of thyroid imbalance causing some of your periorbital concerns. If all checks out OK, then you can certainly consider selective plucking or brow waxing to improve the symmetry of your brows. You have plenty of brow hair, so this won't leave you excessively thin and is an easy option (but must be repeated regularly, particularly with dark hair such as yours).

You also have a full head of hair and a normal hairline, so bicoronal forehead lift could be performed to elevate both brows slightly (more on your left side), which will improve symmetry and help you look less severe, pensive, or brooding (but without giving a "startled" look)! The frown muscles can also be weakened during forehead lift to reduce frown lines or your future ability to create them.

Your lower eyelids have fairly significant scleral show and lateral canthal rounding, which is why I asked you to have your thyroid levels checked (Is this lower lid laxity or exophthalmos?). If this is OK or has been normalized, then lateral canthoplasty to elevate the lower lid position can help the appearance of this area. Tightening the lower lid skin (without skin removal, just with higher repositioning) will also help to decrease the tear trough deformity, which can be also addressed via fat pad repositioning at the time of canthoplasty surgery.

Eye lids

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I believe you do have some problems around the periorbital area which has been enumerated in the answers. However the periorbital area should be taken in context with the entire face and what you want and desire.

You have significant scleral show, tear trough deformity, and flat cheeks.

You can do the grooming or the botox for the brow. The lower lids need surgical correction, if you are willing to change the look of the eyes.

Once you finish weight loss reevaluate the face again

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Ways to improve the look of your eyebrows

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Hi there,
I recently wrote a three part editorial series on Forehead lifting as well as eyebrow procedures. I discuss in great detail how this works.Everything from the physiology, the anatomy to treatments. I think rather than repeat myself, you can check out the link below. I am sure you will find it helpful.

Dr James P. Bonaparte
Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
Head and Neck Surgery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Asymmetric eyes and eyebrows

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  The sad truth is that none of us are perfectly symmetric.  Yes, I see the asymmetry that you are referring to but it is certainly not cause for alarm and I do not think should be addressed with surgery.  I do also not the scleral show due to the lower lid positions but this seems to be normal for you and, in my opinion, should not be treated surgically either unless of great concern to you.

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry normal in brows

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This asymmetry is normal. But if it is bothering you it could be improved. I think that your brows are on the lower side and could benefit from lifting. But this could change the way you look and this must be understood. This elevation of your brows will make you look more awake. You do have what they call increased scleral show where the whites in your eyes are increased below your iris (colored part of your eye). This can be improved for you as well.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Do I need eyelid surgery?

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The degree of asymmetry is perfectly normal.  The photos are a little dificult to interpret, but my impression is that the problem is mostly in your lower eyelid.  It droops well below the iris called "scleral show"  I think that if this is corrected you would be much happier with the shape and size of your eyes.

Neal Goldberg, MD
Westchester Plastic Surgeon

Brow Symmetry

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It is entirely normal and even expected to have a small degree of asymmetry between sides of the face and brow.  The male aesthetic is for a relatively flat, low set brow which is present in the photographs.  I would not suggest a surgical procedure in your circumstance; shaping of the brows in a salon would be more appropriate.

Asymmetrical Eyes and Eyebrows

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Some degree of facial asymmetry is normal. Having said that your eyebrows can be improved  by simply grooming the existing hair. Your lower lids can be lifted and tightened. Cheek implants will increaase cheek projection and contour.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Perhaps to really have your eyes look better you need to look beyound the eyebrows.

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Your pictures show that you have "scleral show" where the white of your eyeball shows bellow the iris.  This should be corrected as well as the forehead.

Over the short term, you can adjust your brows by plucking them so they are more even as has been recommended.  In addition, your facial structure would appear better if you allowed your hair to be longer in the area of the upper sideburn and above the ears rather than having most of your hair higher.  This balances the visual effect of your strong eyes better.

There are multiple options which can be done

Dr. Mayl

Fort Lauderdale

Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Are my Eyes and Eyebrows Asymmetric and What Can Be Done to Fix It?

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