Eyes too Close and Large? (photo)

I'm 23 years old and am not satisfied with my eyes too close together and very large. The distance between my eyes is about 0.98inch (2.5cm) and the width of my eyes 1.38-1.57inch (3.5-4 cm), which is also a large deviation. Therefore, I would like my eyes are reduced or distance between the eyes is increased. Can you recommend me a eye correction or a broadening of the nose or something else?

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Unfortunately, there are no great surgical options to create the your desired anatomic changes naturally.

The craniofacial changes that you are looking for require extensive surgery which will likely leave you unsatisfied with the results.

From the photo you have posted, your eye position/size seem approapriate for your anatomy.

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Reducing Eye Size or Increasing Distance between the Eyes

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 Of the two, reducing eye size is probably a more reasonable goal, because the other requires inducing a traumatic telecanthus. 

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