Eyeliner Tattoo Gone Wrong Please Help? (photo)

my names dayna and i recently got my eyeliner tattoo done at salon 360 in dearborn michigan and the lady mona messed it up big time!!! i spent 350 for both top and bottom and the tops are not even and the whole right bottom is gone the left bottom is really misshapen and it makes me look like a circus freak!!! it goes outward and it looks dumb. i loose sleep over this every night ! how can i get this fixed?? please help :'( p.s. i live in michigan

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Correction of eyeliner tattoo

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There are lasers that can be used to remove tattoos but given the proximity to the eye this would not be possible.  Perhaps skin excision can be done.  You may want to consider going to a physician or doing some more research on a provider if you decide to do it again!

Orlando Oculoplastic Surgeon

Permanent eyeliner

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Totally unacceptable results. Should have been done by a physician not a salon.

May be it can be removed by skin excision of the tattooed area in the lower lid.

Costs more than the $350 you paid.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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