Possible to Have Permanent Eyeliner Removed?

I had permanent eyeliner applied in January 2010 and am so miserable. My eyelids burn constantly and I'm getting little bumps under my eyes. I'm so depressed over this. I need help in finding a doctor to remove the ink. I'm in southern california.

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Permanent eyliner

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The risk of removing permanent eyeliner is loosing your eye lashes.

See a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who do tattoo removal for an opinion, may be some lasers can be used without affecting the hair follicles.

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Permanent Makeup should not be removed by laser

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The pigments used in permanent make-up are usually composed of titanium particles. Unlike other body tattoos which have other metal-based pigments and respond reasonably well to laser treatments, permanent make-up will not. I would consider having the micropigmentation technique known as Tatt2Away done. This method implants a solution into the permanent make-up that causes it to leech out and is done exactly the same way that it was placed.

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