Eyelids, Facelift and Chin Lift?

It's been two months and a half since my eyelids surgery and two months since my face and chin lift and I still see no changes. I still have hanging jowls, hanging and wrinkle chin and bags under my eyes. The only thing I have now which I didn't have before my surgery are these hollows on both side of my mid face. The scars around my ears are very thick and noticeable. Is this normal after two months? please I need to know. cry every day in regret. I wonder if I'm going to get any better. Thanks

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Eyelid and facelift surgery results

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed after your surgery.

The scarring is the easiest part of your question to answer - all scars start by being a bit red and lumpy. They mature over time and the maturation process can take 6-9 months to see the best result. You can help the process by massaging the scar and avoiding any excessive exposure to sunlight.

At 2-2.5 months after surgery, most of the swelling should start to settle down and the benefit of the surgery should start to become obvious. If there is still excess tissue, you may need to have a frank chat with your surgeon and request a revision.  

An appearance of hollow in the mid face is possible after a facelift as tissues are moved around. If this bothers you, you may need further treatment (filler or fat graft) to correct this.

If you post some before and after photographs, we may be able to provide more specific suggestions.

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Disappointed with face lift

Thank you for asking about your face lift recovery

  1. Face lift results depend on many variables such as age, weight, smoking, skin texture and thickness, smoking, obesity and surgical technique.
  2. Sit down with your surgeon to compare and discuss before/after face lift photos. I assume s/he was well trained, experiences and Board Certified. 
  3. You also may need some emotional support to get through this. Sorry this is so upsetting. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Revision after problematic results may be necessary

If your results are truly that disappointing to you, you may need a revision.  The scars will likely improve, as 2 months is very early to assess your final postoperative appearance.  Hopefully you will see an overall improvement that you will be pleased with as the inflammation subsides over the next few months.

Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS
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Unhappy after Face Lift and Eyelids Surgery

        A revision of the surgery in this type of situation almost always results in improvement unless the patient has a very thick and fat face or the patient has incredibly lax skin.  The scars should get better over a year's time. 

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Facelift results

At two months the scars are still new and can be revised at 6 months or later. Sorry you are not happy with your results. Some patients may need a revision.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Persistant jowls, etc

Dear Maria

Sorry to hear of your experience.

I am a short distance up I -75 from your location and am willing to try and help you in consultation if you want to drive up the road. It is not normal to be in the situation you describe after surgery.


Richard Sadove, MD
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Healing after a facelift

Hi Maria 7500, I'm sorry to hear about your healing frustrations. A facelift procedure is a great procedure that can provide wonderful improvement. The trade-off is that it involves a significant amount of healing time. Most people start seeing some improvement in their appearance by two months however, many people need six months or even longer before they can determine the final results of the procedure. I would make sure that you are compliant with your surgeon's post-operative instructions and have follow up appointments scheduled. The majority of the time most of the frustrations will work themselves out. If not, frequently, there are options to fix them. I hope this helps.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Unmet Expectations After Facelift

I am terribly sorry to hear about your ordeal.  First and foremost, time really does heal all wounds.  The scars will soften and become less noticeable over the next several months.  You have to exercise patience with the scars. If the result fell short of the intended result and expectation then a secondary facelift can be performed 3-6 months down the road.  Revisiting with your PS for an open discussion about your concerns and strategies about revisions (if necessary) should be the first order of business.

Good luck.

Dr. ES

Unhappy with the results of surgery

Hello, and sorry to hear you are not happy with the results of your surgery. It is difficult to provide you with advice without seeing before and after photos. In general, the final result of a facelift can take some time, and may not yet be evident at 2.5 months. However, you should still notice improvements at this time. I would recommend a follow up with your surgeon, as he/she knows the extent of your surgery and exactly what was performed. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your recovery. 

Paul S. Nassif, MD
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Unhappy after surgery

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Everyone heals a little differently so there is still time for improvement. On the other hand I believe that you should be happy with your surgery by now. You should return to your surgeon to have an honest discussion about your results. It might be helpful to review your before photos together. Good luck.

Ronald Schuster, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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