Eyelids still droopy after almost 6 months! Will they ever go back to normal? (Photo)

Almost 6 months past my first (and last!) Botox injections into forehead, glabella and crow's feet. Both eyelids, especially the right one, are still droopy. It looks like some fluid is moving above them when I blink. Also developed big eye bags since which weren't there before. Could any nerves above the eyelids be permanently damaged? Or could it just be that the muscles above the eyelids are still weak and need time to regenerate? My eyelids are also much puffier than before...very unhappy...

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How Long Does Botox Last

Thank you for your question. Results of Botox only last for 3 to 5 months at the most, I would recommend going back to your injector for a follow up. The results of Botox are only temporary and will not permanently paralyze the muscle.

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Pablo Prichard

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Eyelids still droopy after almost 6 months! Will they ever go back to normal? (Photo)

The effects of Botox usually dissipate within three to five months from the injections. Since the effects of your injections have not gone away I suggest returning to your injector. 

Daniel Shapiro, MD
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Eyelids and Botox

Botox generally does not last more than six months. I would wait one more month and then return to your treating dermatologist for assessment. Please let me know what happens. 

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Can Botox cause problems six months later

I see the puffiness and saggy upper eyelid skin in your photos.  It is very unlikely this is from Botox or muscle weakness six months later.  To better assess, it would be helpful to compare before photos of you to after.  While swelling is possible after Botox, it's usually gone by 3 months or less.  Eyelid droop is rarely bilateral and is from muscle weakness not skin laxity.  Your eyes don't appear to have muscle weakness, just skin laxity.

More likely most of us get saggy upper eyelid skin with age, even as early as our 20's and 30's.  Puffiness can be due to other health issues like hormone changes or allergies.  Sometimes, after a cosmetic treatment like Botox we will examine ourselves in the mirror a lot closer and see things that might have already been developing before the treatment.  If the skin laxity bothers you, I recommend laser blepharoplasty done by a board-certified Dermatologic Surgeon

I hope hope this is helpful to answer your concerns.  

Karen Stolman, MD
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