Can't Close Eyes After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

I had upper eyelid surgery about 4 years ago. One of my eye wasn’t closing all the way. Two weeks ago I had lower eyelid surgery, but now the one that couldn’t close got worse! Also scars on the upper of my eyelid still there. Now doctor put stitches outside of my eyelids going towards my hair. I cannot close my eyes, I have scars upper eylid, and scars corner of my eylids. Is there a precedure that can be done so I can close my eyes? How do you diminished the scars? Please help me.

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Common to have difficulty closing eyes after upper and lower eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty)

Within the immediate postoperative period it is extremely common to have difficulty closing your eyelids. It is very important during this period to keep your eyes well lubricated to minimize the potiential for corneal abrasion. Yes, there are reconstructive procedures that may involve skin and/or cartilage grafts and/or flaps with musculoskeletal reinforcement to enable you to close the eyes. However, judging from your picture I would wait and remain in close contact with your surgeon.

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Inability to Close Eyes 2 weeks after Upper and Lower Lid Surgeries

The inability of eyes to close can be due to several processes including nerve damage, skin shortage or scarring. The fact that one of your eyes had a difficulty closing should have been a red flag for your surgeon and I am assuming he took the necessary precautions to prevent a permanent inability of eye closure. His suspending the lower lid to the side forehead or brow (Frost suture) is meant to allow the initial healing to occur with the lower lid at its highest point (to try and prevent scarring pulling the lid down - Ectropion).

2 weeks is a short time things will probably get better as the swelling subsides. I would use eye drops and tape the eyes when you sleep to prevent dryness or corneal abrasions or ulceration. In the meantime, you should be seen weekly by your surgeon to asses your progress.

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