Will Eyelid Tape Help Improve Low Crease Line on One of My Eyes After Asymmetrical Upper Bleph?

Hello. I received a conservative upper bleph 5 wks ago. Once the tape was removed & the sutures were taken out it was obvious that the crease line on my left eye was lower than the crease on my right. The surgeon seemed to follow a perfect orbit suture line on the right eye. The left appears to be lower than the natural crease. This has left about 1-2mm less skin showing on the left eyelid than the right eyelid. Can eyelid tape help to perfect the crease so it matches the eyelid on the right?

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Crease Assymmetry After Eyelid Surgery

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The crease position after upper eyelid surgery should correspond with the incision. There may be some differences related to swelling. It is unlikely that tape will make much of a difference. Communicate with your eyelid surgeon regarding this asymmetry before doing anything on your own.

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No, tape will have no effect on this.

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You did not supply a photograph.  Generally, a low crease can be raise.  A high crease, generally, can never be lowered.  I suggest you allow yourself to heal and if the issue persists, discuss surgical revision with your surgeon.  Just be aware that sometimes a surgeon who creates an issue may or may not be comfortable fixing that same issue.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Uneven Eyelid Incisions

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Thank you for the question.  A picture would be helpful.  The surgical incision is not influenced by tape.  The incisions will heal and hopefully become less apparent so their differences will be less apparent.

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