4 Months Post-Op Eyelid Surgery the Scars are Visible and Eyelids Tight, What Can I Do?

I had eyelid surgery but after 4 months the scars are still visible and my eyelids are tight. My eyes feel sore and are often red. What can I do..

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Scars and tight feeling 4 months after eyelid surgery

Goodness gracious!  I was not planning to reply to this question but I heartily disagree with two of the physicians who responded.  Although it feels tight, and you see scars, and the eyes are red, this certainly does NOT mean that too much skin was removed during your surgery.  Obviously, I do not know who your surgeon was so I am certainly not trying to protect anyone but I am amazed that two doctors suggested this "diagnosis" without even seeing you. This seems to me to be highly irresponsible, at best, and possibly even damaging advice. at worst.  I do agree that the single best thing you can do is to obtain another opinion, preferably from a member of ASOPRS as others have suggested.  BTW, I think it is likely that your condition will continue to improve for at least a year or even more after surgery.

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Tightness and scarring after blepharoplasty

Complete recovery from a blepharoplasty can take up to one year. Scarring will not reach its final form until that time has elapsed. Tightness would also be expected to continue until the healing has settled down. If you have any concerns, you should share them with your plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Sounds like too much skin was removed.

I would recommend that you seek an assessment by a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon.  They will be able to assess what is going on and provide appropriate treatment options.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has a geographic directory on their website that will help you identify a highly qualified surgeon in your area (asoprs dot org).

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Scars after eyelid surgery

I tend to agree with Dr. Kass !

"Tincture of time" or "time is good...!".

In time the scars and the tightness should improve. "Massaging the scars" as instructed by your surgeon and keeping in touch with him should improve things quite nicely.

We certainly cannot judge on a website if there was too much or too little skin excised.

If you feel your  concerns are not addressed by your surgeon to your liking  seek the opinion of another Plastic Surgeon or ophthalmologist.

Good luck and patience !

Guido P. Gutter, MD
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Tight Eyelids and Red Eyes after Blepharoplasty


Tight eyelids and red eyes after blepharoplasty may be a sign of eyelid scarring that prevents complete eyelid closure.  I would recommend that you seek a consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon in your area.  You can locate one at www(dot)asoprs.org

Michael McCracken, MD
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Irritated and tight eyelids following eye surgery

Your complaints sound as if there has been too much skin removed during your surgery.  Ask your significant other to observe you while you sleep to determine if you sleep with them open.  Also try to add "Refresh"® drops or Restasis® drops to your eyes three times a day.  Please consult with an ophthalmologist to confirm what is wrong.

Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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