Crease Too High Following Eyelid Surgery- WIll It FIx Itself In Time?

My surgery was three weeks ago and my crease was made too high. It feels like there is very little space between my upper eyelid and brow bone. I'm really unhappy with the results. Is it possible that this resolve itself since it is only three weeks after the surgery? If it does not is there anyway to correct this in the future?

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Crease Too High Following Eyelid Surgery- WIll It FIx Itself In Time?

Sadly, NO.  The crease is a reflection of the amount, or lack thereof, of upper eyelid skin.  If all the upper eyelid skin was removed this is where the upper eyelid crease will be.  You should ask the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your upper eyelid surgery about this issue.

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A photo would be very helpful.

In performing Asian eyelid surgery, it is very common for swelling to push up the crease and make it appear too high.  If can take 2 months for the swelling to resolve sufficiently to make the situation resolve to the point where you finally realize that yes my surgeon really did know what they were doing.  I get the sense that is not your situation.  I get the sense that too much skin was taken from the subbrow area and now the eyebrow has fallen and you are hollow in the upper eyelid sulcus.  This is a much more difficult situation that is very hard to fix and no it does not generally get better.  Consider reposting with photos so we can be more specific in an answer.

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Eyelid crease

If the eyelid crease is very high,. it is difficult to lower it.  However, most of what you are seeing now may be related to swelling, and I would give it a chance to heal.

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Abnormal eyelid crease answered by a DC oculoplastic surgeon

At three weeks it is hard to judge where things will settle. I would give in a full 12 weeks of healing and then see where things are. If it is still abnormal, the crease can be brought down but you may need an oculoplastic surgeon to do it.

Chris Thiagarajah, MD
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I recommend that you check back with the Surgeon who did your blepharoplasty.

Check back with the doctor who did your procedure for an evaluation and recommendations regarding your concerns.  If you are still concerned, get a second opinion from another expert.

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High crease 3 weeks after blepharoplasty

It would be better if you had pictures.  Are both creases too high or just one?  If the creases are symmetrical and the swelling is about the same, it is possible that what appears as too high a crease will correct itself.  You do need to give this more time. 

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High lid crease after surgery

I doubt your eyelid problem, with high lid crease after surgery will go away by itself. You should discuss with your surgeon and/or another oculoplastic surgeon.

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Upper eyelid crease height

The final location of the crease cannot be determined until the swelling goes down.If the crease is still misplaced, this can be a difficult problem to fix but please give the healing some time.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Correction of the upper eyelid crease

Hi Sarahz,

The crease will likely improve it's position over the next few months.  However, if it does not it can be corrected but it depends.  Are you Asian or Caucasian?  Was much, if any, fat removed?

Basically the eyelid procedure can be redone and the attachments of the undersurface of your eyelid skin to the levator muscle below can be relocated.  You'd want a specialist in this area and you'll want to wait at least a year.

BUT, don't rush.  3 weeks is still a bit early and the shape and location of the lid crease will likely change but I couldn't say by how much.

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

Chase Lay, MD
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