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I have an 'a frame deformity' on upper eyelids, and I'm looking for a European surgeon to have it fixed. Can anyone suggest a European oculoplastic surgeon to help me look for a solution for this deformity after agressive upper eyelid surgery? Thank you very much.

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Oculoplastic Surgeon in Europe

Dear Cindy,

An "A frame" deformity occurs most frequently after a ptosis surgery that does not restore the contour of the upper eyelid to its natural gentle curve. This can be corrected with revision ptosis surgery to reattach the levator muscle with multiple points to the upper eyelid. An experienced oculoplastic surgeon can help you with this problem.

I have several recommendations for you- these surgeons are friends & colleagues. I would trust them with my own eyes.

UK: Naresh Joshi MD, Raman Malhotra MD, Jane Oliver MD

Spain: Miguel Gonzales-Candial, M.D. (Barcelona)

Turkey: Suat Agarbus MD, Pelin Kaynak, M.D.

Best wishes & Good luck!

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