Can Eyelid Surgery Strengthen Surrounding Muscles Around the Eye?

Is it possible that my antagonist eyebrow muscles (or eyelid muscles for that matter) became stronger after double eyelid surgery? (or even ptosis repair) (The muscles that pull the brow down). Before, I used to raise my eyebrows with ease. Now it is very hard to raise them and I feel a strong sensation of something pulling down. Is this totally unrelated? Which muscles are pulling down on the eyebrow/eyelid? (Antagonist muscles).

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Can surgery strengthen eye muscles

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surgery cannot strengthen eye muscles unless they were not oriented properly and if corrected, then maybe that might happen. Usually, in most ptosis procedures, the muscles of the eyelid itself are reattached to the cartilage of the upper eyelid, but that should not affect the muscles that pull down on the brow. I will say that in cases of ptosis repair, since most patients attempt subconsciously to correct the ptosis by activating synergistic muscles, that the synergistic muscles of elevation can become stronger from increased activity. The degree of balance between the muscles after a ptosis repair can take months to be reprogrammed in your brain so that the ones that were overacting before, can begin to relax and go back to their normal degree of action.

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