Eyelid Surgery Shape, is There This Kind of Surgery? (photo)

Dear dr ive asken afew questions about droopy eyelid and so my eyelids droop,one of them always is drooping the other one droops sometimes i was wondering if there was a way which is bleph that can make my eyes shape to look from those pictures to a tom cruise eye look,like with the skin over the eyelid so that the eyelid doesnt appear its abit hard to understand i know but maybe pictures can clearify what i mean Thank you so much for your time and support! PS its not me in the pics, i'm 21 btw

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Eye shape surgery

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Its a little tough to answer your question without photos or an exam.  Bottom line, get a consult with an Oculoplastic surgeon and see what your options are.  Sorry I couldn't be more help.  Perhaps this video may help.  Best of luck.  Chase Lay, MD


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