Eyelid Surgery Scars? (photo)

Hi, I had an eyelid surgery 8 weeks ago, my scars are red and bumpy I know it takes time to heal but the problem is "there is no improvement in scars" they just look the same and they don't improve over days I went to my doctor and he told me to wait 3 weeks and they will start to improve then nothing happened! I went once again and he injected my eyelids it has been 2 weeks since the injection had been done but they didn`t improve either. they look better in pictures but red and bumpy in real

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Scars will settle with time....up to a year after surgery

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I would not worry about the final results quite yet. You need to be patient and allow the scars to fully mature and settle. The elevation and redness will improve for up to a year after surgery! You have a while to go. Be patient.

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