What Eyelid Surgery Procedures Help Bulging Eyes Due to Graves' Disease?

It is fairly typical that one surgery proves effective for correcting bulging eyes due to Graves' Disease? What medications are needed after the surgery?

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Orbital decompression

Pictures would have been helpful. The surgical treatment requires removing fat, expanding lateral orbital volume by moving layeral orbital wall forward and lateral and removing orbital floor bone. This is complex procedure and should be done with extreme caution.

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Decompression surgery or eyelid surgery or both help bulging eyes

Orbital decompression helps the eyes to go back when they are pushed forward (exophthalmos) in Graves eye disease. Decompression usually is done by opening the bones around the orbit to create more space for the enlarged fat and muscles. In some patients it can be enough to only remove fat without the bone component.

Some eyes appear to be bulging because the eyelids are too open. This is called eyelid retraction. This can accompany the exophthalmos, or can occur with the eyes in a more normal position. Eyelid surgery can correct this.

If there is both exophthalmos and eyelid retraction, some patients need two operations, one to move the eyes back, and one to lower the eyelids later.


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