Eyelid Surgery Problem?

I had two eyelid surgeries but both failed(both eyelids are not symmetrical),doctor removed too much skin from eyelid during my second eyelid surgery (2 years ago)I am unable to close the eye completely because of this(after 2 years) recently i got infection on eyelid . Please suggest me what I need to do. Thanks in advance. pred

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Cannot close eyes after eyelid surgery

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You should see an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation and treatment options. In the end, if lack of skin is the issue, skin graft may be needed. But there may be other options available.

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Sorry to hear about your results. You should get a second opinion with a specialist. A Certified PS that specializes in facial surgery.


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Problems after eyelid surgery

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I would recommend a second opinion.

I am not sure how an eyelid infection would be related directly to over resection of skin, however dessication of corneas and ulcers are a potential threat.


In the mean time, I recommend a sleep mask, and bedtime eye ointments like Genteal.


In the extreme, you may require a skin graft to replace the skin deficit, and allow lid closure.

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