Should Eyelid Surgery Be Performed Separate from Back Lipo?

I am considering having upper and lower eyelid surgery as well as lipo on my back/flanks area. Should the procedures be done at separate times? If at the same time, then which first cause if the eyes are done first, when I am turned over for lipo, won't that hinder the work that was just done on my eyes? And if I am face down first, don't eyes get kind of swollen during surgery from the fluids, gravity, etc. and then the eye area won't be 'normal' and too much skin/fat may be removed?

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Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty with liposuction

These procedures may easily be combined during the same surgical appointment. It actually makes sense you save money on the operating room fees and the anesthesia with the combined procedures. It is nice while taking time off to recover from both procedures rather then splitting them. You would certainly have the liposuction done first and the blepharoplasty to follow. Best regards and wishing you a quick recovery!

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Jkg1129: reread your question and I think you will find the answer!

I think you are very very insightful indeed! Your deliberations with various cause and effects says a lot to me and I think the answer becomes self evident. Yes, both surgeries can be done at the same operation event irrespective as to which one is done first but should they be done together? I think not and the way you ask the question wisely  speaks for you doing them separately.

Harlow Hollis, MD
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Please don't be mislead, other specialities offer these services.

Dear JKG

Dr. Cabbabe accurately states that these procedures can be performed together by a board certified plastic surgeon.  A much better question is should they be performed together.  My answer is that eyelid surgery is best performed under iv sedation where the patient remains cooperative to open and close the eyes.  Many surgeons prefer to perform liposuction under general anesthesia so the fine adjustment and control only possible for eyelid surgery where the patient can cooperate with commands is lost.  Liposuction of the back requires positioning the patient face down.  If eyelid surgery is performed before the liposuction, pressure can be exerted on the just operated eyelid increasing the risk of bruising or even damaging the delicate sutures required for eyelid surgery.

I honestly think this is one combination that is not very reasonable.

Be aware that Board Certified General Plastic Surgeons are not the only type of plastic surgeons who provided eyelid surgery.  Eyelid surgery is also offered by board certified ophthalmologists who specialize and are fellowship trained in eyelid surgery.  They have the broadest training in this service.  Facial plastic surgeons also provide eyelid surgery.  Regarding liposuction, many types of plastic and cosmetic surgeons offer liposuction and some specialities have a better documented track record of providing safe liposuction.  Dermatologists in particular offer a very safe form of liposuction.  Every speciality that offers liposuction should be as safe as the derm surgeons who offer liposuction.  A more reasonable alternative for you is to have liposuction under local anesthesia with a qualified derm surgeon and one week later have your eyelid surgery by a specialist rather than a generalist.

Please do your home work and understand the nature of these procedures before proceeding.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Dear jkg1129

Thank you for your question.  The eyelid surgery and back liposuction can be performed in the same operative session.  It is most logical to do the liposuction first- as moving you onto your face after an eyelid surgery may put you at risk for bleeding.

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

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Eyelid surgery and liposuction can be done together.

Eyelid surgery and liposuction can be done together. There is no problem. The lids are done after the liposuction.

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Eyes and back lipo

I tend to disagree with the other doctors and I would perform the back lipo first in the prone position and then turn you.  Both can easily be done together as long as your surgeon is comfortable with it and he has the benefits of a good anesthesiologist.  Since the eye markings are done before anything else and have set you can be prone.  I don't like turning bleph patients side to side or on their back after doing their eyes.  

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Liposuction with eyelid rejuvenation

There is no problem with eyelid rejuvenation after liposuction on the back and flank. As to which would be first, I would finish the liposuction, and after proper positioning and a 'new' setup, prepare and correct the lids, then off to recover. You should be safe.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Eyelid surgery and lipousction

Every surgeon will tell you something different. Some may prefer to do the eyes first and the lipo second, while others will do the opposite.  Both can definitely be done in the same operative setting.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Liposuction first

These procedures should be done by a board certified plastic surgeon. Personally I would do the liposuction first since it has to be done in the prone position. True, it is a very physical procedure, however, I am in very good physical condition, so I don't consider that a negative. After the liposuction, I will turn you over to do the eyelid surgery, which is very delicate. The ice packs can be applied immediately to minimize the swelling to give you the best results.

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Eyelid surgery and lipo

These procedures can be performed together by a board - certified plastic surgeon.  If I was doing the case, I would do the eyelids first as this is the most delicate portion of the operation and I would want my fullest concentration.  Liposuction is physically demanding of the surgeon and afterwards, one can be a little tired or the arms a little stiff.  For those reasons, I always do the delicate parts of surgery first when combing with lipo.Make sure you are seeing a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Samer W. Cabbabe, M.D.

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