Eyelid Surgery for Lumps Caused by Evolence?

I am considering lower eyelid surgery due to eye shadows and lumps. The lumps are caused by a filler Evolence. What does this involve? Risks? Recovery? Costs? Please give input.

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Optimize your lower eyelid lift

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Sorry to hear about the bumps in your lower lids, which appeared after Evolence. I concur with Dr. Canales that the best way to ensure an excellent outcome from your lower eyelid lift is to wait until Evolence has been resorbed. There really isn't a reason to expose your eyelids to mini-procedures, which will cause more scars and potentially disappoint you further. Good luck.

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Wait at least 12 months for Evolence to reabsorb

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Hello Verne

If the bumps were caused by Evolence, I would certainly wait 12 months to allow Evolence to reabsorb. You can check with your physician, but that is the usual amount of time that Evolence is supposed to last. Since Evolence reabsorbs on its own, there would be no reason to have surgery to remove those bumps. In my Santa Rosa plastic surgery practice, I use Juvederm and Prevelle. If there is a bump it can be massaged early and eventually all the product reabsorbs anyway.

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