Internal Bleeding and Lopsided Face After Eyelid Surgery

I had an eyelid surgery 5 years ago, which caused internal bleeding trickling down alongside my nose and settling in my chin area. Since then, that side of my face has gradually drooped, and I now look lopsided. What could have happened to cause the internal bleeding, and now, this drooping? What is the easiest and best way to even out a lopsided face?

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Proper facial analysis with pictures is needed

Pre and post operative pictures are required to have an accurate determination of the surgical procedure done. Five years is a long time and many things could have happened since your procedure. It seems to me that the most positive way to proceed is to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to be able to address the current issues. Best of luck!

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Have to see you

After 5 years it's unlikely that the postop bleeding you had from the eyelid surgery has anything to do with your current facial asymmetry. You have to remember that we are symmetrical on our both sides of your bodies and the aging process is no different. People age differently in different areas. Why, who really knows but it all can be fixed. It may require fillers or surgery but it can be fixed.

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