Another Eyelid Surgery Immediately?

Had upper eyelid ptsosis surgery on right eye 8 days ago. Saw surgeon 3 days ago who agreed lid was over-corrected. Have follow-up this coming Friday. He has asked me to do exercises to loosen internal sutures and see if we get any significant correction. If not, we are looking at REVISION SURGERY NEXT WEEK. Also, left eyelid is a bit heavy and slightly lower than before (Herings Law?)- a new consideration. Appreciate ANY advice on what to consider/ask about going into next surgery.

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Probably better to wait

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You should probably wait for a few weeks before considering revision surgery. It may be too early next week.

Eyelid Surgery

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Ask for detailed information on the problem, and the plan to correct it, and if the surgeon feels qualified to do this or needs assistance.  I trust you are using a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic.

Ptosis repair

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Over correction of eyelid ptosis is usual right after surgery. It usually starts to "come down" after the swelling is gone, it usually takes few weeks. Most of the over corrections are amendable to gentle massage. I would wait few more weeks before undergoing a revision of the first surgery. 

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Eyelid surgery revision

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Eight days is very early after eyelid surgery and it is not unusual for the eyelids to feel tight and look over corrected at this stage.  One can also see asymmetries in the eyelids due to post operative swelling.   In most cases these problems will resolve with time and conservative treatment (tape support, gentle massage, etc.)   Unless your surgeon strongly feels another surgery is necessary immediately, I would suggest you wait at least several weeks before having revisionary eyelid surgery.  You may find you do not need it. 

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