Bruising and Fold After Lower Eyelid Surgery

I had a lower eyelid surgery/eyebag removal 5 weeks ago and the bags actually now look more prominent but higher up. They were not that bad and the surgeon said it would be a conservative operation. The right eye still looks bruised and dark underneath, and the skin at the corner has a pleat going downwards, which is very obvious.

When will this bruised look go and can anything be done about the pleat? The left eye corner is red but underneath there is no swelling. The stitches are still sticking out and red. When will these stitches dissolve?

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You need to have evaluation by your doctor or a second opinion

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Typically, the swelling continues to reduce in the first month or so. You need to have your surgeon check you and explain what is going on. Maybe the sutures are causing irritation ( sounds like they were placed internally which is common).

If you are not content after your doctor's evaluation, consider a second opinion. The most qualified consultants are ophthalmologists ( MD eye surgeons) who have had additional training in eyelid plastic surgery. They are called ophthalmic plastic surgeons.

it is important not to wait; get that exam soon before the tissues get tighter.

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