Eyelid Surgery Botched in Thailand, Help Required (photo)

this is the 10 days, after surgery and 2 days after stitching is off, i found the doctor to be unprofessional and the stitching is way wrong, my wound healed with hard skin and not just the normal scar from incision techniques, would this be easy to be corrected with another surgery or can i go for laser treatment. i am at a loss

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Asian Eyelid surgery done in Thailand and concerns

I would say that it is botched based on the photographs. I would need more photographs to be certain to ascertain other issues. From an incision standpoint, you can repair a less than desirable closure. So don't worry. Laser treatment could be the answer but I would wait to see how the incison heals. You could consider laser surgery as early as 8 weeks or wait to see the final result of your incision after the procedure. Excision will probably lead to the best results. I wouldn't go to someone that concentrates on the negatives but someone with a positive outlook. When you go to someone negative, you often get more negative. Something to think about.

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Prominent eyelid scar after Asina eyelid surgery

You will need to wait several months to let everything heal. You can massage the area with your fingers in order to soften up the scars.

Charles S. Lee, MD
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I agree that the incision do not look so good right now.

However time is a very powerful thing.  What looks ugly right now could heal and your final result could be a very pleasant surprise.  You need to heal for a couple of months.  It is very likely that these angry looking incision will calm down and look surprisingly much better.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eyelid Surgery Botched in Thailand, Help Required

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have seen something like this.  While the scar will improve with some time, it is unlikely your end result will meet your expectations and you may seek revision surgery.  Please seek out a board certified speciaist in the face who can assist you with revision Asian blepharoplasty if your results do not meet your expectations.

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Eyelid Surgery Botched in Thailand, Help Required

At 10 days postop, it is too early to assess your scar. Let your incisions heal at least 2-3 months. It is possible they will flatten.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
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Don't go to Thailand Next TIme

Your scar is healing with some hypertrophic scar tissue, which simply means the scar is putting more collagen into the wound than it should.  This may have happened due to the type of stitching used, an infection or your own inherent tendency to make this type of scar.

But I cannot help myself here and I have to go beyond this answer a little bit.  Traveling to get cheaper cosmetic surgery (Medical Tourism) is filled with risks that go beyond the surgery.  If this had happened to you after you had your surgery by a local surgeon where you lived you could go back again and again and figure out what to do next.  It is difficult to go back to Thailand over and over again while this heals.  Finding a local plastic surgeon where you live to check this and maybe revise it will be difficult and expensive.

In the end saving money by traveling to a different county may only wind up costing you more money...

Phillip C. Haeck, MD
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