Get an Eyelid Surgery at 18?

I am 18, and I will admit i do have some self image issues, but I do find this abnormality of mine quite distracting for me. Looking at older pictures of me, I can see that I've had this abnormality from, most likely, birth. It bothers me because it makes my one eyebrow look higher than the other.

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The answer is that yes of course you can get surgery but is it the right thing.

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Admittedly photographs are funny things catching a moment in time.  You do have a heavy eyebrow.  I assume that it was bothers you.  The fix for that is forehead surgery not eyelid surgery.  That does not mean this is what you should go out and get forehead surgery.  

There was a very interesting study a few years back where psychologists had participants rate year book photos of college co-eds.  The college co-eds were interviewed many years later to determine how happy they were in life.  Here is the kicker.  One could predict who was happy with a high degree of accuracy from the year book photos!  The up shot here is that yes I agree that you have a heavy eyebrow but fixing this will not make you happy.  I suspect that you may have body dysmorphic disorder or some form of OCD.  As I look at your photo, I wonder if you are an unhappy person.

Ask yourself a few simple questions like how many hours a day do I think about this issue?  Do I avoid social situations because I think people are talking about what my eyes look like?  Answering yes to these questions suggest that you may have one of these conditions.  Psychologists are able to assist these situations with methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and occasionally drugs.  Depending on how much time you spend thinking about these issues they can represent a significant impediment to enjoying life. This makes getting therapy worthwhile.  The problem with surgery is it does not fix how the brain works and individuals with body dysmorphic disorder, if that is what you have, are impossible to help with surgery.

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Eyelid Surgery or Brow Lift for Young Age

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There are no strict age guidelines for cosmetic facial surgery. Eyelid surgery or brow lift surgery for younger patients to improve appearance is generally not recommended. Cosmetic surgery for the eyes for these younger patients is primarily for Asians who are seeking double-eyelid surgery, or similar procedure. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine an appropriate option for you. Best of luck.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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Having Brow / Eyelid Surgery at Age 18

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The emotional maturity of the patient and his/her having realistic goals and expectations are MUCH more important than a mere chronological age. If a patient can verbalize and specifically demonstrate what they do not like, what changes they may like and if those goals are reasonable and achievable, there is NO reason why you could not have cosmetic surgery.

Rather than subjectively dissect your appearance needlessly in a public forum, I would strongly recommend you see several surgeons to learn what each suggests. To get the most trained Plastic surgeons go to , the site of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, all of whose members were certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery as one of several criteria for membership.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Eyelid surgery on younger individuals

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There are no specific age guidelines for performing upper eyelid or brow lift surgery. Obviously, aging at this point is not the issue and the concern is more addressing some congenital issues you would like improved. From the photographs, it appears you have some heaviness to your upper eyelid and eyebrow regions. There are two possible procedures you can do. You can remove some eyelid skin with or without fat to open your eyelids and expose more eye. Alternatively, you can raise the brows themselves and leave the eyelids alone. I would suggest you consult with an expert in facial plastic surgery in your area to address your concerns.

Scott Trimas, MD
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Eyelid surgery at 18

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Thanks for the photo. You do have heavy appearing upper lids and asymmetric brows. Yes, upper lid blepharoplasty and Botox to the left eyebrow would be the choices from me. See 3 boarded Plastic Surgeons in your area.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Facial asymmetry

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Hi. It looks like you have facial bony asymmetry, with your left side being smaller than the right side.  Everyone has some asymmetry; some have it more prominent.  There nonsurgical and surgical options to improve facial asymmetry.  Your facial and bony features have formed by age 18 yrs, so that is not an issue.

Dr T.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Age doesn't count

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Seek consultation of a board certified plastic surgeon - hopefully they will give you an honest evaluation of what you have and what can be  done. Eyes can be done even in the teens --- but they will not change the location of your brows. Asymmetry is normal.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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