Can I Get Eyelid Surgery at 17 in the Uk? (photo)

I have been extremely paranoid about my eye shape for years now & it really gets me down I feel so self conscious but where ever I go the surgeons tell me I'm too young or they don't see a problem with my eyes I'm running out of ideas on what to do or where to go it's the skin on the inner corner of my eye that I don't like they just look saggy & I feel it ruins the rest of me face please help , Courtney x

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Age for eyelid surgery

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Eyelid surgery can be performed at any age, the age is not the problem in your case however. You have a normal appearance and your eyelids are fine, there is no surgical procedure to help you, that is why the surgeons are turning you down for a procedure.

Teenage plastic surgery is performed to help the teenager "fit in" to become more like their peers. If you feel like an out cast, it effects your lifestyle, school work and your social life. It is obvious that you are feeling like an outcast. What will help you the most is talking with a professional about body image and trying to build your confidence up by finding the root cause of your low self esteem. There are professional counselors that work with teenagers for this exact problem. Do some research and find a person you can confide in, it just may change your life around?

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